Venues and Attending
Why Attend?
@ Family Friendly, Wide Appeal

The Great Cinema Now Film Festival, finds and selects the best films submitted through FilmFreeway.

We do screenings at a few different locations depending on the festival and availability of venues. This year our first event will be held at the Summerhill Event Center in Saratoga Springs, Utah. When configured as a theater, the event center seats approximately 150 people. It is part of the greater Summerhill Equestrian and Events Center.

We also hold events at the Orem Public Library. The Library has one of the best weekly (on both Friday nights and Saturday) movie screening programs in the country. GCN works very closely with the Orem Library, to add new original movies, and to help inspire (and mentor) new filmmakers to make their own movies using the library's Makerspace.

Great Cinema Now is coordinating the efforts of film professionals (from screenwriting to cinematographers to distribution and marketing experts) who will work with individuals and groups that are using the library's Makerspace equipment.

The new Orem Library Hall is now under construction. The ground has been broken and they are moving forward with their plans.

The Great Cinema Now Film Festival, and all other media events at the Orem Library are currently held in the small media auditorium. Starting in the summer of 2020 we will be able to seat approximately 10 times as many people in the new Library Hall. The new "Library Hall Addition" (see the artist's rendition) will have a 500 seat auditorium, an arts display exhibit gallery, and a multi-purpose/green room space. The addition is expected to open in the summer of 2020.

Satellite GNC Festivals
@ Your Library, or Auditorium

If your library is equipped for rich multimedia events, or if you have a media auditorium, and want to work with us, you can stream our film festival winners at the same time we do and be an extended part of our festival. Please contact us if you are interested in streaming our winners.

Starting Your Own Festival
@ Your Film Festival

If your library or organization wants to put on your own similar film festival, we would like to connect with you and help if we can. We believe that helping others will also help us grow and improve. If you are interested in writing a blog article for our GCN site about your program, please contact us. There are many ways of connecting that can be mutually beneficial, and beneficial to filmmakers.

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