July 2019 Winners
Animated, First place winner

Fifteen year old guitar player Hector, gets kicked out of his band because he is not cool enough. On his way home, upset, he falls in a hole which takes him into an underground world, inhabited by many strange creatures. In this weird place he finds everything he was looking for: true friends and a rock'n'roll band that doesn't care about looks or stereotypes. The band, named Under-Undergrounds, only has the passion for music. Together, they have lots of fun adventures while trying to help Hector find his way back home. Along the way they must overcome bullies and a secret agent who knows Hector is an "alien" in this Under-Underground. This energetic and well told story helps teach how to overcome challenges, and tolerance, diversity, companionship and self-knowledge to our 'Rock Star hero' as he becomes respected and loved by the 'Undergrounders'!

I'm Not Blind
Inspirational Winner

Vimal (blind, but only his eyes) is honored at a ceremony for his (and his wife's) accomplishments. During the ceremony they ask him how he met his wife and how they were able to do all these things. This is where the real story begins. Vimal is just finishing secondary school but wants to go to college. He has bigger dreams and doesn't want to let his challenges stop him. His brother (Pankaj) thinks it is a waste for Vimal to have these dreams and tries to discourage him. Sometimes, Vimal lacks confidence, but he still has his dreams. He relies on his mother and brother. His mother gets called out of town and while she is gone, Pankaj plays a trick on Vimal and leaves him to find his own way home. The trick, backfires on the brother, and turns out being exactly what Vimal needs to progress toward his dreams and goals. As Vimal tries to make his way home, a young woman named Sheetal finds Vimal and helps him. The next day Vimal is lost again (no one was at his home and it was locked). Sheetal sees him again and after they talk, she takes him to her Foundation where he meets others with similar challenges. Sheetal admires Vimal's desire to make something great of himself. Despite his (so called) limitations, she helps him and their relationship grows strong. Over time they both find what they are looking for in each other and achieve Vimal's somewhat impossible dream.

Cultural Winner

Chinrasu loves his pet bull. His job is telling predictions to the town people. When his pet-bull nods its head, it is a sign that his words are blessed of heaven. He loves his bull as much as he loves his own life. Chinrasu must leave his own village because he is blamed for something he didn't do. He faces challenges in the new town, but finds ways to overcome them. He makes his predictions and teaches the people in the villages that killing a bull is sin. In his new village he sees a beautiful young woman named Thamarai and predicts to her that she will marry a great prince. The bull nods its head. A little later in the story, she tells Chinrasu that he looks exactly like the prince . . .Their relationship grows . . . Thamarai's mother insists that Chinrasu quits the Job of telling predictions because they want a better life for their daughter. He refuses to quit the job and justifies it by saying that his job is part of their culture and that he cannot leave the job. Will he be able to keep his bull and win the hand of Thamarai?

The Smile Room
Narrative Winner

Luca Mantovan is a very busy young Doctor who wants to help his oncological patients feel better. He wants to help patients and families through hard times, especially patients on hospice. He creates a room where patients and family can sing, draw, watch movies and other things to give them hope. One of his goals is to especially help family members of the sick NOT give up, and to be there for their loved one. He and the nurse help the people make the most of the time they have left. This is a beautiful story that gives strength and hope, and even pre-healing to people who may have to endure these kinds of trials in the future.

95ers: Echoes
SFF Winner

A female FBI agent investigates paranormal activities that threaten her husband and her unborn son. In the process she also discovers a secret war involving time travel. This film was created in Utah by Tom Durham, who has filmed some of his other works in the Orem Library.

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