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2020 Festivals
Scripts and Film

The Great Cinema Now International festivals for 2020 focus on feature-length Script submissions. If at first you don't succeed, try again. When you submit a script, if it doesn't meet the criteria to win, you will receive suggestions and be given a chance to update and then submit your script again. No more, "One strike and you're Out!" You have a great advantage by submitting to our festival. To adjust for the covid-19 pandemic, we are focusing on scripts and helping creators improve and perfect their scripts. We have a unique collection of experience and expertise for analysis, review improving your scripts.

We can't even begin to calculate the full scope and long-term benefits of being a winner of the Great Cinema Now Script and Film festival. Winning scripts and movies also have a great probabiliy of being added to online movie distribution channels. We are inviting directors and producers along with other screen writers and film makers to view and evaluate submissions.

Submitting your script or movie for our festivals is free. You may be asked to comment on other scripts or films that have been submitted, but our algorithms for decision making take into account self bias and personal taste differences so that your vote for another film, doesn't negatively affect the votes for your script or film, nor reduce your chance of winning.

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Submissions Are Open
July 5th Screenplay Submissions

The general submissions for this script festival opened on July 5th. You have time to submit until we post a notice on this site that submissions are closed. But don't delay! Just click on the "Submit Now" and go through the FilmFreeway submission process. FilmFreeway notifies us immediately of your submission and then your "hat" (script or movie) is in the ring (in the running).

End of Submissions

After we post the submissions deadline, we will start making our final decisions.

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